Arno Greeff 's Complete Transformation

Arno’s 12 week journey has been the most amazing transformation for his life and he’s really excited to see what the future holds.

“It’s been an incredible journey of where you can challenge your health!”

Arno needed to look perfect on the Netflix set!

Arno Greeff is a South African actor respected for his work in local television and film productions. He broke into the international market with the release of Netflix’s original ‘Blood and Water’ playing Chris Ackerman
(Currently filming the 3rd Season).

Arno on set filming Blood & Water:

Arno's Amazing Results

You cannot out-train a bad diet.

The amazing group sponsoring Arno’s transformation journey.

FitChef – Real Food Specialists
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FitChef sponsored Arno’s nutrition.
FitChef, South Africa’s most loved clean eating brand, who supported Arno in making the best possible food and nutrition choices. 

“My little one preferred FitChef food (which has no-nonsense) over Mc Donald’s. That alone should speak for itself.”

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