Gluten: throw this word into conversation and everyone from your colleague to your favourite great aunt will tell you that they have at some point tried the trendy gluten free diet. Whilst the majority of people do so as a personal preference, the truth is that only a small percentage of people really need to be gluten free.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious public health concern. According to the South African Heart and


Thought of being vegetarian but feel you need a little less restriction and more flexibility? Well then, the flexitarian diet

Keep all your FitChef meals and smoothies in the freezer, defrost two days worth in your fridge, heat, eat and

Share the FitChef experience with someone and get great discounts. Challenge your best friend, roommate or partner to take on

FitChef is perfectly safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. In fact, our meals and smoothies are highly nutritious and will

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