No Colourants – FitChef’s Strict EatClean Principles

FitChef - Eat Clean
FitChef - Eat Clean

We seem to have this unwritten contract with food companies where the public supposedly expects food to always be the same colour or be bright, even if that means artificial colourants are used to adjust that.

In reality some green tomatoes are sweeter than red tomatoes, but we expect red colour.

In nature, colour represents ripeness, sweetness, antioxidants, and nutrients.

Colourants add colour without the nutrient bomb. Let’s rather be real! People who eat a variety of different coloured fruits and veggies may have lowered inflammation and therefore a reduced risk of certain diseases, such as stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

This is because the natural plant pigments that give fruits and
vegetables their colour are also important nutrients that may provide health benefits.

The FitChef Way

FitChef is proudly free from added colourants, using only the natural colourants of nature’s real foods, like the deep purple of beetroot or dark brown of cocoa powder.

It is important to note that because FitChef is 100% whole food company, we do expect that our meals will never be
the same colour, and we are ok with that. Sometimes beetroot is exceptionally dark, other times light.

Tomatoes change intensity, sweetness and wateriness and so do all other ingredients like chilli and even salt. Various batches of salt do change the intensity or depth.

This is all good, nature embraces change for the sake of diversity and our health.


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