No Man-Made Chemicals – FitChef’s Strict EatClean Principles

FitChef - Eat Clean
FitChef - Eat Clean
Food is complex: It is not just about the 13 vitamins, 102 minerals, carbs, fat, and proteins.

You actually have over 351 754 chemicals present in your body,
called metabolites, that we know very little about.

Nature focuses on balanced, change and diversity and the full scope of nutrition.

Man-made chemicals generally do not have the full spectrum nutrients at the core and clearly, we know that even the most advanced scientist does not understand a fraction of what makes up food and affect health.

The FitChef Way

With our strict #eatclean ethos our food has no man-made chemicals like artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, and colourants.

Rather we choose to optimise the natural sweetness, colouring and preserving properties of whole, real food in FitChef meals.


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