No Preservatives – FitChef’s Strict EatClean Principles

FitChef - Eat Clean
FitChef - Eat Clean

Preservatives are additives that were not in our food historically.

The use of food additives in food production is inevitable in this modern world.

While we understand that in modern city life, we need
convenience, we cannot allow convenience at the cost of your health.

Be smart and use your freezer and fridge which are natures perfect preservative.

Studies have shown that food additives like preservatives
have a negative effect  on our gut microbiota.

Preservatives (like the nitrites and nitrates found in processed meats) has been shown to increase our risk of colon cancer and should be limited in a healthy diet.

The FitChef Way

FitChef meals are preservative free, and we use only natural
preservatives like in-land salt, citrus fruit like orange, lemon, and grapefruit, and vinegar to keep our food safe to eat.


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