Whole Food – The Delicious Solution – FitChef’s Strict EatClean Principles

FitChef - Eat Clean
FitChef - Eat Clean

FitChef proudly advocates for the pursuit of healthy and sustainable dietary patterns.

We say no to crash diets and binging, and yes to moderation with healthier treats like our Beetroot Brownie and Amazeballs.

One of the most important ideas we believe we can promote is that you need to over the long term build a healthy lifestyle that becomes a habit everyday.

This should not be too hardcore and impossible to fit into your lifestyle (within reason, as a lifestyle change like only buying fruit and healthy food for you home will benefit you greatly).

Ask yourself, what can I commit to for 10 years?
After all, there is evidence that a fat cell can live for just under 10 years. Short term dieting does not eliminate the fat cells – that takes time.

Your health is the average of all your combined eating choices over time. Eat with the future in mind.

Most people will do better but creating small shifts in calories month by month, to eventually create a balanced long term successful approach to dieting.

Hard core diets almost always lead to long term failure and although you may lose weight in the first weeks, you will regain that weight and never reach your goals.