Dietitian-led Trials

The results are from a test group, lead by a Registered Dietitian (Liz Kullmann).


All subjects received a FitChef 21-Day BEST RESULTS Challenge Kit (including 3 x FitChef meals + 2 smoothies per day, 6-days/week).

All had blood tests and body measurements before and after.

There were 20 participants, all completed the 21 days. Subjects represented a normal set of mildly overweight individuals, we specifically did NOT choose obese or heavily overweight individuals (Even though this would have yielded potential greater results).

It is incredible to see the results that be achieved in just 21-days on convenient 100% real food without additives… however, we still advise long-term, consistent and moderate healthy eating goals for optimal lifestyle results.

Male Results

  • Weight Change
    1. Weight loss range: 2.4kg – 8.4kg
    2. Average weight loss: 4.27kg
    3. Body Fat % loss: Best -3.99%
    4. Waist loss: Best 9cm
    5. Muscle gained: 1.3 – 1.7kgs
  • Blood Test Results
    1. Cholesterol Ratio (HDL/Total Cholesterol)
      Average drop from 6.15 to 4.18 mmol/L
    2. Metabolic age
      Ave drop of 4.5 years in metabolic age
    3. Triglycerides
      1.70 to 1.29 mmol/L

Female Results

  • Weight Change
    1. Weight loss range: 2kg – 5.1kg
    2. Average weight loss: 3.42kg
    3. Body Fat % loss: Best -5.9%
    4. Waist loss: Best 5cm
    5. Muscle gained: 1.3 – 1.7kgs average
  • Blood Test Results
    1. Cholesterol Ratio (HDL/Total Cholesterol)
      Average drop from 6.15 to 4.18 mmol/L
    2. Metabolic age
      Ave drop of 4.5 years in metabolic age
    3. Triglycerides
      1.70 to 1.29 mmol/L


We’re certain we can change your life.


See Rianah's Transformation

See Rianah’s complete 3-month journey… its amazing. More>

Finding good food is not easy!

Almost all supermarket foods

are highly processed,

full of additives & preservatives,

too high in added sugar and inflammatory oils.

There must be a better way…

FitChef is the only food company with the strict EatClean Range Ethos.

Our EatClean Range solution helps you avoid fake food and ensures
you get 100% real whole food with gut-healthy fibre.

FitChef can supply 100% of your long-term nutritional needs.

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All your nutrition from Mon – Sun

Tons of

A wide range of balanced nutrition
to unlock your healthy potential.

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Your personal healthy chef


Real food, No Additives

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Flavour without fake ingredients


Nutritious meets

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The FitChef Solution

The easiest and most effective way to feel great, every day.

"Tons of choice,
reasonably priced,
exceptionally tasty
and easy to incorporate
into a healthy lifestyle"

Eating healthy isn't complicated (anymore)


Start with an Award-Winning
21-Day Challenge Starter Kit.

It’s everything you need:


P.S. There are many starter kit options available.

P.P.S. Transform your life for good with a monthly Recurring Order.

The 21-day Starter Kit – The FitChef Solution 

1. Select

Select a 21-day
Starter Kit Option

2. Deliver

Select delivery or collection to your home or office

3. Eat

Heat, eat, repeat


Technologically Challenged?

Speak to a REAL human!

21-day Budget
Starter Kit

Real Food Real Results
R 3273
  • 2 meals/day
  • 6 days/week
  • 1 smoothie/day

21-day Best Results Starter Kit

Everything you need
R 4513
  • 3 meals/day
  • 6 days/week
  • 2 smoothies/day

Couples 21-day
Best Results

Save R1454
R 8403
  • 3 meal/day
  • 6 day/week
  • 2 smoothies/day

Don’t miss an opportunity
to start today

Avoid the common mistakes:

  1. We plan to eat healthy next week (again) but…
    life gets busy.

  2. We plan to buy healthy food but…
    commercial food, restaurants and take-aways serve too many refined foods & additives.

  3. We plan to save money but
    overspend on expensive impulse buying. Order upfront for the month.

    Be in control of your budget and your health.

What Customers Report:

  1. Feeling energised
  2. That good food stops bloating
  3. Better focus (blood sugar control)
  4. Better clarity (blood sugar control)
  5. Reduced anxiety (blood sugar control)
  6. Improved exercise recovery
  7. Improved exercise performance
  8. Improved tastebud sensitivety
  9. Reduced or eliminated allergies
  10. Better metabolic flexibility (burning fats and carbs)
  11. Being in control of weight long-term
    1. Reduced or eliminated need for meds
    2. Improved skin tone
    3. Improved gut health (with high fibre).
    4. Lower inflammation levels
    5. Boosted immune system
    6. Time saving – No shopping, cooking and washing
    7. Saving money with a recurring order
    8. Saving money by avoiding impluse buying and ‘shopping hungry’
    9. Better budget management, by ordering upfront every month
    10. Improved sleep quality
    11. Being more ‘regular’
    12. Boosted overall health factors

Delicious, calorie controlled, portioned perfectly, convenient, affordable and super user friendly website for purchase. Always delivered properly frozen and packaged well. Great updates on time of delivery so one can pack the meals in the freezer without them defrosting. Not more you can ask for! I just love FitChef!

Nikki - 14 May 2021

I love fitchef food and the way it makes me feel. I usually react to preservatives and other ready made meals but fitchef meals make me feel great! I also love the sourdough bases and burger kits that make entertaining easy and tasty!

Lisa - 14 May 2021

Great food, personalised service, always available to chat and share advice and insights. Feels personal. Food is consistent, well measured and well prepared. Customer for lif

Andreas - 14 May 2021

Customer service
is waiting to help you!



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EatClean Science?

See what makes our EatClean range so effective?

Weightloss Science?

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What is FitChef doing for long-term eating habits?

We have launched FitChef Cravings Range.

Your new tastebuds BFF with healthier favourites
like Chicken Pie, Moussaka, Rich Chicken Soup, Authentic Chicken Tikka
and other ready to roast dinner favourites.

These will satisfy and delight you
with bigger portions and rich flavours.

The 80/20 rule


FitChef Cravings
satisfies all ‘cravings’ (the proverbial 20%).

FitChef EatClean Range
satisfies your body, brain and microbiome (gut)
to achieve your optimal potential (the proverbial 80%).

Welcome to 365 days of healthy food solutions that work!


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