FitChef Challenges – How Are They Different

FitChef Challenges – How Are They Different
FitChef Challenges – How Are They Different

As the saying goes, “Fail to plan and you plan to fail.”

The success of any healthy eating journey centers around a clear and defined approach as set out how it is you are going to reach that wellness goal.

Yet getting to this starting point is much easier than you realise.

Here are six reasons why the popular FitChef challenges are all you need as you start your healthy eating challenge this Spring.

  1. FitChef Challenges are Real

    As you would expect from FitChef, our nutrition philosophy follows the basic principle of sharing real, whole, unprocessed food with South Africa.

    Free from added sugar (apart from small amounts of honey occasionally) preservatives and flavourings, FitChef meals, snacks and smoothies are prepared with the same love and care that you would in your kitchen.

    We skip the refined starches, favour fruit and vegetable, and load up on the nutrition that goes with it.

    With our strict #EatClean ethos our nutrition has no preservatives, additives, or highly refined ingredients, no artificial or man-made chemicals, no added sugars.

  2. FitChef Challenges are Structured

    Adding structure and routine to our eating habits is step one in any healthy eating journey, whether it is for weight loss or just to get healthier with more energy.

    The FitChef Challenges include a range of meals, snacks, and smoothies to help you in arranging your meal plan without much thinking.

  3. FitChef Challenges are Portion Controlled

    We live in an age of “portion distortion” where meals are too small for our ever-expanding bellies.

    The reality is that watching our portion sizes make a big difference in our quest to be healthier and drop the kilos.

    FitChef meals, snacks and smoothies are portion-controlled for optimal energy needs to help you reach your weight loss goals.

    Portion controlled meals will also help prevent you from getting overly full at the next meal, helping sustain energy levels through the busy workdays.

  4. FitChef Challenges are Organized

    Did you know that you can set up a recurring order to ensure you are never without your beloved FitChef Challenge?

    We have made healthy food even more convenient than processed junk with deliveries available to your home or work, or for direct collection at our Johannesburg or Cape Town office.

    In Johannesburg and Cape Town, you can also split your delivery in two if you do not have a lot of freezer space.

    This means we will send you half your order now and the second half on the next convenient date.

  5. FitChef Challenges are Personalized

    Going gluten free?

    You can personalize your FitChef Challenges when checking out on your online order.

    Simply add the necessary details in the notes field found on the checkout page and our helpful customer care team will assist you in tailoring the challenge to best suit your likes and dislikes.

    Note that our individual meals are not customized in our kitchens but made in bulk.

    We are unable to accommodate a change of more than 10% of the standard challenge chosen.

    If need be, consider placing an own choice order to choose items according to your preference.

  6. FitChef Challenges are Tasty

    Remove the chaos and clutter of the processed food world, and you are left with the organization of prepared meals made from whole, fresh ingredients with tantalizing tastes like lemon, ginger, apple, beetroot, and spices, among other natural flavours.

    We proudly refrain from the use of any preservatives, articular flavours and sweeteners.

Ready, steady, and go to to place your order for a FitChef Challenge.

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