Is Frozen Food Healthy?

Is Frozen Food Healthy?
Is Frozen Food Healthy?

Much like microwaving, there are different schools of thought when it comes to freezing food.

We believe it is safer than any other form of preservatives, because at the very least freezing does not mean adding man-made chemicals to your food.

In a perfect world, we would all grow our own food and cook fresh meals every day.

But in our time-poor world, many of us eat more for convenience than health.

If you buy food on the run, it’s almost a guarantee that your health and weight management will suffer.

Humanity has chosen to solve the need for convenience by extending shelf life with preservatives and man-made chemicals.

Another symptom of modern living is a highly processed and carb-dense diet.

So the real question is how do you eat healthily AND make it convenient?

Our answer: freeze it! Freezing offers a natural way to extend shelf life and create naturally convenient yet healthy solutions.

(However, we do believe in variety and still suggest mixing up your meals plans and including fresh, raw and cooked meals.)

Ready-to-eat frozen food saves you time and money.

Why waste time standing in shopping queues after work when often you end up throwing away so much food that you didn’t have time to cook?

This is not to say you shouldn’t cook or have fresh food too, but we do guarantee that a healthy frozen ready-to-eat meal will ALWAYS beat a processed sandwich or insulin spiking junk meal.

Freezing doesn’t destroy all the nutrients.

In fact, according to research, freezing has the least effect on nutrients, mostly only reducing vitamins and minerals by 5%.

Your freezer is the future of convenient healthy living!

Keep all your FitChef meals and smoothies in the freezer, defrost two days worth in your fridge, heat, eat and repeat.

This way, you will always have a supply of nutritious and great tasting meals to keep your health on auto pilot.

For best results, defrost before heating – although meals can be heated from frozen (just prick or tear open the film before microwaving)

Shelf life

If handled correctly after delivery, FitChef meals will last three to six months in your home freezer (we suggest three months to get the maximum nutritional benefit).

Defrost inside your fridge and avoid defrosting at room temperature. Once defrosted, eat within three days. Smoothies will last six months in the freezer and up to two days in your fridge.

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