FitChef For The Family

A 2018 study showed that eating meals together as a family was associated with a better quality diet.
FitChef For The Family
FitChef For The Family

Good food and family go together like FitChef and clean eating. And good food tastes even better when you eat as a family.

Sit down for a balanced and healthy family meal with FitChef’s wide range of meals, snacks, smoothies and assorted groceries – your perfect nutritional partner.

Eating for Two

Pregnancy is an ideal time to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle changes as a pregnant woman’s motivation level is super high. During pregnancy, a mother’s metabolism may increase up to 15% and this extra energy is required to support the increased metabolic demands of both the pregnancy and the growing baby.

The mother’s diet is extremely important to provide key nutrients to promote baby’s growth, increasing blood volume, and bone, brain, and nervous system development.

We know that energy levels can take a dive in pregnancy, and coupled with morning sickness, this cane make preparing healthy meals a challenge.

FitChef meals and snacks are perfectly safe for pregnant ladies. In fact, FitChef meals are rich in wholegrains for added fibre to manage constipation, lean grass-fed and hormone free meat and chicken to meet increased iron needs and loaded with fruit and vegetables to meet your increasing nutrient needs.

We also proudly ad no preservatives, flavourants or artificial sweeteners.

Studies have shown that ginger can help soothe dreaded morning sickness. Try the FitChef Booster Shot, ImmunoBoost Shot, Soothe, Ignite, or Revitalise Nurish juices, each with added ginger, on days when morning sickness strikes.

Don’t forget to meet your increased calcium needs with dairy and place an order at the FitChef Dairy Aisle.

Breastfeeding Moms

Did you know that the energy needs when breastfeeding are even higher than in the last trimester?

A diet that is healthy, varied and balanced is best for nutrient-rich breastmilk. Eat a diet with a wide variety of colorful fruit and vegetables: the more your colorful diet, the greater the intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients for optimal breastfeeding health.

Research shows 25% of mothers report not having enough milk as the most common reason for stopping breastfeeding.

Along with regular feeding and managing stress, the best way to increase your milk supply is to simply eat more energy from good quality, whole food.

Stock up on FitChef snacks like the Pine Nibbles, Goji Berry Bar, Nuts Snack, Sliced Beef Biltong, and Super Snack Trail Mix for easy-to-grab energy on hand.

The FitChef Smoothies can also help you meet your higher nutrient and energy needs. And as a double-win, the convenience of all FitChef meals makes cooking one less thing for a tired, overwhelmed new mama to worry about.

For the Kids

As parents, a healthy child is a happy child, which makes healthy eating top of the priority list.

Food and drinks provide the energy and nutrients that a young child needs to grow and thrive.

Compared to adults, children need more nutritious foods for their size to support growth, developing bones, building of muscle, and the energy needed to actively explore the world.

Just like adults, your child’s diet needs to be balanced with the right combination of a variety of foods from each of the three macronutrient groups: carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Include three main meals with two smaller nutrient-rich snacks in-between to manage hungry tummies.

The range of FitChef snacks make for easy, kiddie-friendly lunchbox fillers, and the delicious FitChef Smoothies are a great way to sneak in more fruit and vegetables into your little one’s diet.

The Sourdough Bread in the Baking Aisle, fermented for 60 hours, make for a great base for healthy lunchbox sandwiches.

For the Family

A 2018 study showed that eating meals together as a family was associated with a better quality diet. In particular, teenagers who ate with the family were more likely to be fruit and veggie lovers, and less likely fast food and sugary drink junkies.

FitChef Family meals, bulked up with a side salad or one of the new FitChef Vegetable boxes and packs, are the perfect accompanied to family mealtimes.

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